Cleaver-Brooks Model M4 to Become Legacy Product


The Model 4 membrane wall watertube boiler was phased out of production beginning August 1, 2018 with special quoting of the Model 4 on a case-by-case basis

Due to the overlap with other models M5 and M5M, the Model 4 will no longer be available for new product sales. The pressure vessel will still be available through Aftermarket as a replacement option. All legacy boilers can be special quoted for unique situations though pricing and lead-time will be impacted.

The footprint, connection locations and serviceability all lend the M5 and M5M to being ideal alternatives for the Model 4 boiler and will continue to be promoted and offered to support necessary projects requiring a small footprint and watertube construction.

All documentation will be moved from the website to internal servers, allowing Cleaver-Brooks representatives access to engineering and sales documents only.