How Much Is a New Boiler?

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The Cleaver-Brooks high pressure firetube boilers (100-800HP) offer high efficiency, low emissions, maximum safety, ease of maintenance and low overall cost

The best way to evaluate the actual cost for a long term asset is through the life-cycle-costing discipline. When evaluating the best and lowest overall cost boiler, it is important to consider the following criteria in addition to initial cost.

What boiler gives the longest life, reducing replacement and renewal costs over the required life span of the asset?
The average Cleaver-Brooks firetube boiler has a life expectancy of 25 years with hundreds of units still efficiently performing after 50 years. See the boilers R.F. MacDonald Co. installed in the 50s and 60s!

What boiler offers the greatest opportunity to upgrade, keeping the asset up to date — further increasing its life span?
The Cleaver-Brooks 4WI and CBLE boilers offer many options which can be retrofitted later, keeping it current and state of the art for years to come.

What boiler consumes the least amount of floor space, saving on initial cost during new construction?
The Cleaver-Brooks 4WI and CBLE boilers consume less space on average when compared to the competition. Each model has optimized shell diameters, large furnace volumes and integral burners. With rising costs for new construction, this is a significant offset to initial boiler cost.

What boiler will deliver the best fuel to steam/water efficiency?
The optimized and fully featured Cleaver-Brooks 4WI and CBLE boilers will on average save up to 5 percent in fuel cost annually when compared to the nearest competition. Remember, the average boiler consumes at least four times its original cost in fuel during the first year of operation, and Cleaver-Brooks guarantees its efficiencies at $10,000 per point.

What boiler will provide the lowest emission levels, reducing possible penalty costs and providing the greatest amount of emission credit opportunity?
The C-B 4WI and CBLE boilers offer the “LE” from 60 to 30 PPM and the “NT” for Ultra Low emissions from 15 to less-than 9 PPM and less than 70 PPM with #2 oil.

What boiler gives me the lowest operating or sustaining cost over its life span?
The Cleaver-Brooks 4WI and CBLE model boilers with optimized design offer the highest fuel to steam/water efficiency when compared to their nearest competition. Additionally, its operating and service friendly features provide ease of operation and maintenance. Conservatively, this saves you thousands of dollars per year when compared to the nearest competitor.

What boiler gives me the highest residual value, reducing my life cycle cost in case I decide to liquidate the asset?
Cleaver-Brooks boilers have traditionally been the boiler of choice for used equipment suppliers and boiler rental companies because of their rugged quality, high efficiency and ease of operation and maintenance.

What boiler supplier gives me the greatest assurance of service and parts backup, increasing up-time and saving production or space-occupying losses?
Cleaver-Brooks has the largest network of representatives throughout the world providing service and parts 24/7. R.F. MacDonald Co. offers after-hours parts installations. Call your local office in any boiler emergency.

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