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R.F. MacDonald Co. meets industrial and commercial market needs in Las Vegas with the safest fuel transfer pumps, simple to operate chemical dosing pumps and more

Las Vegas has been described as an oasis with its dancing water fountains, rooftop swimming pools, aqua parks, shark reefs and more! Water from the Colorado River is pumped into the state and used by the bustling Commercial Industry. Whether you’re responsible for clean water, efficient liquid transfer, central heating or hot water, R.F. MacDonald Co. can help.

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Blackmer positive displacement sliding vane pumps are designed with unique “self-adjusting” vanes that allow them to maintain near-original volumetric performance during the life of the pump — meaning these pumps are not subject to efficiency-robbing slip that occurs from wear in gear and lobe pumps.
Applications: fuel transfer, water transfer, chemical transfer

Grundfos digital dosing systems deliver accurate metering of chemicals with proven reliability, safety, ease of installation, priming, and calibration. These intelligent dosing pumps can be applied to industrial water treatment processes that require chemical dosing such as CIP, pH adjustment, RO, filtration and coagulation/flocculation.
Applications: hotels, arenas, universities, hospitals, cannabis and wastewater

Fybroc is the world leader in the design and manufacture of fiberglass reinforced pumps. These pumps provide excellent corrosion resistance for tough applications including pumping of acids, brines, caustics, bleaches, solvents, seawater and a wide range of waste liquids.
Applications: aquariums, water parks, wildlife habitat, life support systems

Sandpiper Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps are ideal for nearly any market — automotive, chemical, wastewater, you name it — with metallic or non-metallic options. Metallic pumps are ideal for intermittent, on-demand, portable, moderately abrasive fluids and suspended solids. Non-metallic pumps are ideal for bulk chemical transfer applications.
Applications: fuel transfer, site dewatering, seal coating, municipal utility, FDA-compliant

ARO AODD pumps are designed for general use. They can easily pump from clean, light viscosity fluids to corrosive, abrasive medium viscosity fluids and can transfer large particles without damage. Due to their pneumatic motor, they could be used in potentially explosive areas.
Applications: dry cleaners, chemical processing, adhesives and general manufacturing

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