New Bay Area Job Opportunities With RFMCO


Build your professional career in the Bay Area at R.F. MacDonald Co. in service, sales, or admin

R.F. MacDonald Co. (RFMCO) not only takes pride in customer service, but also boasts a great company culture that has thrived since our foundation in 1956.

Beginning as a family-owned business, RFMCO’s work environment grew with generous, hardworking, and supportive values into the phenomenal, goal-driven community it is today. We don’t just provide jobs, we provide careers. One of our iconic company mantras is “persistence,” which embodies everything we stand for like committing to goals, working towards the future, and supporting each other’s success. If you are interested in starting your career at R.F. MacDonald Co., visit our online job listing to see where your skills will best fit.

Current Bay Area openings include:

Warehouse Driver | Boiler Technician | Boilermaker Apprentice
Inside Sales Engineer | Boiler Sales Administrator

(if listings above are closed, see our Employment Page for current listings)

RFMCO Employees In Yosemite

RFMCO staff celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary in Yosemite National Park

We look forward to hearing from you!