PLC Control Regulates Honey Flow, Temperatures


R.F. MacDonald Co. assists honey plant when existing controls could not adequately regulate honey flow due to fluctuating temperatures and honey levels

While working on the steam boiler at the honey plant facility, R.F. MacDonald Co. discovered the company was struggling with product loss due to a restrictive honey tank control system. The company had previously researched off-the-shelf controls, but none offered product mapping with temperature regulation.

The R.F. MacDonald Co. Instrumentation & Controls Dept. customized a controls package, which included Allen-Bradley PLC, Wonderware software and touch screen controls. The fully automated system met all requirements and design requests.

Control Upgrades
• Increased efficiency and production.
• Provided precise temperature for optimum flow.
• Reduced maintenance and operation.
• Provided customized control solution.
• Provided alarm protections to prevent low/high honey temp and low/high honey level.

“The controls are easy to use and we can see all the important data on one screen.”
— Maintenance Supervisor

Food Processing Product Flow RegulationAfter successful implementation of the fully automated control system, the honey plant has increased production and profits. RFMCO’s customer relationship as well as the cost-effective solution provided allowed for quick turnaround and implementation.

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