Preventive vs Predictive Boiler Maintenance

Optimizing Your Equipment Maintenance by Preventing Emergency Repairs and Predicting Emergency Services

Every machine within any industrial, commercial, or residential application requires awareness of its mechanical health.

Over time, components wear down as the equipment will require cleaning, repairing, or eventually replacing. The key to maintaining operational efficiency is to reduce downtime by being prepared for required services on your machinery. This falls upon two common but contrasting methods: Preventive or Predictive Maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance is exactly as the title implies, actively maintaining your machinery to prevent malfunctions, damages, and any detrimental mechanical errors. This practice includes routine inspections, cleanings, and more to consistently assess your equipment’s needs before it begins to fail.

When working with boilers and pumps, frequent inspections may be overwhelming, especially with evolving compliance regulations in the specific field. As a result, it is very beneficial and very common for companies to engage in knowledgeable technical resources that can easily navigate the process for them. Outsourcing the responsibilities to trained technicians can facilitate an expedient and successful approval by local jurisdiction while enhancing preventive maintenance objectives. With each R.F. MacDonald Co. inspection visit, our service experts will not only assess each relevant component, they’ll also actively replace, repair, or clean as necessary. This way your machinery is routinely maintained at its ideal output, allowing for consistent results and less downtime.

Utilizing preventive maintenance can actively prevent failures by routinely keeping machinery in ideal operating condition. Under R.F. MacDonald Co.’s preventive maintenance programs, you’ll benefit from fixed labor costs, adjustable scheduling, inclusive costs, discounts, and more. After each inspection, your equipment will be left in top condition ready to operate at target capacity!

Predictive Maintenance, on the contrary, requires incorporation of technology and system monitoring. Utilizing these systems will calculate correlations between current operations and potential repairs using graphs, algorithms, and data analysis. You can assess your pump or boiler output and workload to predict when the machinery will need to be serviced. This way you can schedule operations in preparation for downtime and coordinate an adjusted workload or rental equipment to maintain output during servicing.

Being able to record data on your machinery is a valuable practice, as analysis systems can effectively pinpoint components that are under-performing or declining in efficiency. This way, operators can notify the R.F. MacDonald Co. service team of specific elements that require inspection, resulting in a targeted visit to assess the boiler or pump requiring repairs. Preventive practices utilizing controls require understanding how to measure outputs and their correlations, which may require training if managed with internal personnel. R.F. MacDonald Co. also offers visits to record readings on vibrations, efficiencies, emissions, and more for pumps and boilers.

Choosing between applying preventive or predictive practices for your facility’s system relies on various factors like safety, costs, regulations, schedule, output, and more. Contact R.F. MacDonald Co. today to schedule expert analysis from trained technicians and engineers to address your system’s needs.

R.F. MacDonald Co. has updated its Boiler Equipment Maintenance Plan (EMP), a fully customizable program to apply preventive maintenance procedures at your facility. Including inspection frequencies, equipment specifications, term benefits, compliance, discounts, covered services, and more. This program is a prime solution to keep your boiler(s) operating at optimum efficiency.

Have any questions about our Equipment Maintenance Plans? Reach out to your local R.F. MacDonald Co. sales representative and we’ll schedule a Virtual Lunch & Learn! In this live presentation, we’ll answer all of your questions and send you a GrubHub lunch voucher.

EMP Packet Preview

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