RFMCO Provides “Professionalism” During Boiler Install


RFMCO technicians receive boiler service testimonials for “professionalism” during a boiler installation and other kudos for miscellaneous repairs

R.F. MacDonald Co. is grateful to all of our customers who provide us with feedback whether it’s positive or negative. We work to correct any shortfalls, and we recognize each employee who receives customer kudos. Positive Word of Mouth is a powerful tool to keep us performing at our best — so much so that we dedicate time during our monthly company-wide town halls to share all PWOMs recently received (pronounced P-WOM). Below are a few PWOMs from Q3 2021.

Los Angeles, CA – “I cannot thank you enough for the effort and delivery you provided at the new sports stadium. Professionalism, accuracy, tenacity, value and commitment are only some of the words which characterize your team, your product and your service. All of these adjectives boil down to one word: ownership. When you watch a game or the Olympics or the Super Bowl, I hope you say to your loved ones and friends: “Do you like my stadium?” – Senior Engineer at Construction Company

Bay Area, CA – “The RFM Team that was out here led by John did a fantastic job. There were plenty of challenges and unforeseen issues that arose, but the guys met everything with safety, good attitudes, quality work and went the extra mile to assist us with bringing the plant back online late Friday afternoon. Also, thanks to Tim and anyone else at the office who aided in this project. RFM is in my opinion and several others’ opinions one of our top-rated and highest-regarded contractors.” – Lead Technician at Manufacturing Company

Sonoma, CA – “Wow! We feel very fortunate to have you all available to help us repair our boiler! Antonio was great. He got us up and running. We’ll be washing laundry again tonight! Great job on the front line and excellent job to the whole team involved.” – Vice President at Laundry Facility

Modesto, CA – “Your customer service, technical support and demeanor is greatly appreciated. Thank you to the service managers who provided high-level customer service! Knowing you’re here to help us through any challenge, including a cold startup on our IWT boiler is indispensable. And just in time for the start of our season this summer!” – Plant Manager at Food Plant

Fresno, CA – “Two things that separate you from your competition: I gave you very little information and you were still able to bid the job using experience and imagination! Others needed every little piece of information or they wouldn’t bid the project, even in the early budget stages. You determined what would likely be needed just from the drawings. Second, you included the controller cost, knowing it would be needed for the specified heat pumps. The competitors did not. Keep up the good work!” – Piping/Plumbing Estimator for a Contractor


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