Solutions for Industrial Water Reuse

Industrial Water Reuse

Grundfos researchers evaluate water treatment and restorative processes in general industrial applications.

The following white paper covers the topic of modern and future solutions for water reuse.

Introduction: Water is such a fundamental necessity for life that it is often taken for granted. In modern industrial plants, water must be of the right quality to meet the needs of its intended purpose. Mankind is becoming increasingly aware that fresh water is a rarity, and this rarity drives the need for reuse in order to mitigate problems associated with scarcity, costs, and regulations. Water consumption in the industrial market contributes greatly to global water consumption, and therefore requires a special focus.
Purpose: The purpose of this white paper is to introduce the topic of Industrial Water Reuse, describe the specific processes within this area of water treatment, and provide a vision for the future.
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Authors: Marco Witte and Pablo Andres Tojo, Grundfos Pumping Solutions
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