Grundfos iSolutions offers intelligent pump monitoring

Grundfos iSolutions

Upgrade your operations with Grundfos iSolutions, the intelligent approach to optimal pump system & industry performance.

Enable real-time monitoring and more with digitally connected services specialized to your facility.

Grundfos presents iSolutions, an upgraded platform that adapts intelligent technology with precision to optimize performance, total energy efficiency, and ultimate reliability in your system. Utilizing cloud-based digital services, you can take advantage of comprehensive control, communications, and remote management products that maximize system capacity while minimizing maintenance requirements.

Grundfos Products With iSolutions

Grundfos iSolutions Features:

Process Optimization
Monitor pump influencing conditions and control other equipment to ensure optimum operation of the entire process

Open up for monitoring and surveillance of additional process parameters and connect directly to the overall process control through a variety of industrial busses.

Limit Exceed
Enable yoru system to change operating patterns or notify you directly if a specific process parameter exceeds a pre-set limit.

Multiple Temperature Measurement
Use the same measuring point for three purposes: As a primary control parameter, as part of a differential temperature measurement for set point influence, or as a limit exceed response.

Dry-Running Protection
Avoid overheating and pump damage caused by dry-running. The directly connected Liqtec dry-running protection detects lack of water and too high liquid temperatures.

Underload Detection
Enable your system to detect cavitation or loss of prime in the pump and stop operation before damage occurs.

Set Point Influence
Link the primary control parameter to an external signal or internal measurement and automically adjust it to best suit the process conditions.

Break Tank and Feed Pump Control
Control and supervise the break tank level and the feed pump directly from the motor to save wiring and other control components.

Process Surveillance
Measure a range of secondary parameters and program a proper response.

Control of External Equipment
Control external equipment according to the pumps’ operating conditions, e.g. open bypass valves, start air injection, or control mixing loop.

Valve Control
Control the opening and closing of motor-operated non-return valves by means of a timer function in the pump.

Backwash Control
Enable system to initiate backwash sequence, controlling main pump, backwash pump, dosing pump and valves by measuring the condition of the filter. The sequence can be set up through a combination of measurements and timer function.

Set Point Influence
Avoid cavitation or excess pressure across the chamber stack by adjusting the set point of the pump. Influencing parameters include pre-pressure, flow, temperature, etc.

External Control
Set up a multi-pump unit to operate and appear as one single pump (open loop) and be controlled from an external control system— or a pump unit can do surveillance, monitoring, and feed process data to the process control, all while it simply operates at constant set point feed from the overall control system

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