We Are Now the Hubbell Water Heater Rep for CA & NV


R.F. MacDonald Co. is now representing Hubbell Water Heaters, offering water heaters for commercial, industrial, marine and food service applications

Due to new regulations on electric-only buildings currently enforced in Oakland, Berkeley and San Jose, companies are turning to heat pump water heaters.

Heat pumps can be used in lieu of traditional water heaters where energy efficiency is paramount. The thermal output from these units is greater than the electrical inputs, making them up to five times more efficient than gas or electric fired heaters. Coupled with Hubbell Hydrastone lined tanks and instantaneous water heaters, they form a complete solution for all water heating needs.

hubbell-water-heaters-american-madeHubbell is a leading manufacturer of standard and engineered water heaters. Hubbell water heaters are made in America in New England where they were first built in 1920. Learn more at hubbellheaters.com.

Water Heating Efficiencies
• Electric: 99%+ efficiency
• Gas: 93 – 99% efficient

Electric Advantages
• No venting
• Small storage / instantaneous
• Overall cost saving

The full line of Hubbell Water Heaters includes

• Electric
• Gas
• Steam
• Indirect
• Heat Pump
• Storage Tanks
• Storage
• Instantaneous
• Point of Use
• Pure water
• Explosion resistant
• Circulation heaters

• Booster heaters
• Custom skids
• Emergency showers
• Vertical / horizontal
• 1 – 5,000 gallons
• Various vessel materials

Complete Heat Pump System Solutions – Engineered for Your Specific Requirement


Related Commercial Applications
• Booster pump stations with VFD control and pump selection on plumbing systems for high rise applications.
• Floor heat exchanger concept for DHW reheat in the high-pressure zones on high rise buildings.
• Solar thermal water heating which is required for hotel application by T24.

R.F. MacDonald Co. is available to immediately handle all Hubbell sales and service in California and Nevada. RFMCO is proud to offer Hubbell products to our customers in both California and Nevada.

Industries: Commercial, Industrial, Marine/Offshore/Naval and Food Service

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