When to Replace Your Pump

Engineered Replacement Parts and Reverse Engineered Pumps

Dealing with a “bad actor” means your dealing with a piece of equipment that continually causes issues, leading to frequent downtime and excessive spending. When a pump becomes a maintenance nightmare, end users may believe purchasing a new pump is the only option.

Of course there are times in which a pump cannot be saved. But when you consider the total costs of replacement, it is worth exploring every pump repair option before making that big purchase.

Here are some alternatives to consider when a pump seems ready for the trash heap.

Engineered replacement pumps
What if your pump is obsolete? Maybe the OEM no longer exists, or the pump model is no longer manufactured. Ordering an exact replacement of your current equipment will not be possible.
However, it may be possible to machine parts to replace the equipment. In this scenario, the current pump is mapped and designed — reverse engineered — so that a new pump can be created to replace it. When using these custom-built pumps, many of the original components are kept, including the motor, nozzles and mounting. By retaining those items, money is saved and the system has a new pump that reasonably matches the old one at a manageable price.

Manufacturer upgrades
Processes change over time, and pumps change along with them. Your OEM and/or distributor may offer services to bring a failing pump back to service — and with upgraded features.
When replacing parts to meet stringent regulatory or safety requirements, expertise in the current regulations is needed but so is expertise about the existing system. By taking advantage of OEM upgrades, systems can run better than before and poor performing pumps can be saved without a costly replacement.

Smart Pump technology
The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the game in helping to identify the so-called bad actors. With the right sensors and real-time data, operators can identify problems much faster than they might have historically, allowing IoT-powered smart pumps to be repaired and components replaced before they become a significant operational issue.
Real-time data about the system’s temperature, vibration, pressure, flow, power, viscosity and density allow operators to predict pump failure before it happens.

R.F. MacDonald Co. offers full service and machining repairs for a wide range of pump brands. Visit our Pump Service page to learn more about our capabilities. We can start with analyzing bad actors or recommending repairs that will keep your operation running smoothly.

Image Courtesy of ITT Goulds ProCast