Boiler Annual Maintenance

boiler annual maintenance

A look at what boiler users should expect as part of a reliability program

There is a secret to safe, efficient, reliable, low-emission boiler operation: proper maintenance. This may sound easy, but it requires a long-term commitment.

Monthly checks along with a quarterly and annual schedule allow boiler users to feel good about equipment operation. Because of emissions requirements, safety regulations, insurance compliance and a host of other considerations, it is imperative to keep to the schedule you lay out.

Begin with an annual complete burner tune-up conducted by a combustion engineer. The annual check will include a thorough inspection of the entire system. Items are checked for usage, wear and operation. Once everything inside is cleaned up and working properly, less invasive quarterly checks begin. During the quarterly inspections, you should take a look at and/or test:

  • lights, indicators & alarms
  • fuel trains & valves
  • igniters
  • pilot turndown
  • pilot & fuel train(s)
  • flame failure detection system
  • blowdown valves & equipment
  • low water cutoff

Monthly checks should include inspection of:

  • actuators & motors
  • atomizing media equipment
  • boiler & burner components
  • burner flame pattern
  • firing rate control
  • gauges, monitors & indicators
  • inlet & outlet dampers
  • instruments & equipment settings
  • pilot & main fuel flame signal strength
  • pilot line, regulator & valves
  • blower motor operations
  • test & reset combustion
  • hot spots & discoloration
  • gauge glass & assembly
  • safety relief valves
  • feed water valves & control
  • water column water levels

Proper maintenance will do more than ensure safety and regulation compliance. It will improve operational stability, extend equipment life, and reduce long-term cost of ownership.

To find out more about proper boiler care, visit our Boiler Service page.

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