2021 In-Person Boiler Training Classes Return


R.F. MacDonald Co. reopens in-person steam and hydronics boiler training this June 2021 with 30-year boiler expert and U.S. Navy veteran John Holtz

boiler-training-instructorJohn Holtz is R.F. MacDonald Co.’s Boiler Division Corporate Trainer. Holtz has been in the boiler business for 30 years and got his start in the Navy where he worked on steam generating systems and began his long career training boiler operators. John currently teaches back-to-back steam and hydronics boiler operators workshops throughout California and Nevada.

John Holtz’s biography and boiler experience
Getting to know you Q&A with John Holtz

R.F. MacDonald Co. hydronic and steam boiler workshops are recommended for maintenance, plant, stationary and mechanical engineers as well as maintenance personnel. Both classes provide a certificate approved by the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) and the hours can be applied toward the continuing education requirement for re-certification. These workshops will address the minimum state requirements for boiler operators and can be a part of their training to meet those requirements in order to comply with the law.

* Attendees will be subject to daily health/temperature checks
* Attendees must remain masked and respect social distancing
* We are using the 6-foot distancing guideline
* Meals will be packaged individually
* Our classroom and facility will be disinfected daily

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