New Video Shows Hands-On Boiler Controls Training

boiler training

RFMCO provides lecture-style boiler training with hands-on boiler controls training for combustion, temperature, steam pressure and burner flame management

The workshop is lecture-based with an exhibit of boiler accessories. Demonstrations on full-sized Cleaver-Brooks boilers are available for classes in Los Angeles, Fresno and Reno. “All operators need to be aware of the maintenance requirements set forth by a manufacturer’s O&M manuals, but every site is different and only experience will allow a boiler operator to identify predetermined problem areas and know what preventative maintenance schedules to follow. For example, if it is found that boiler water chemistry has been out of balance, then a waterside inspection may be necessary,” Boiler Trainer Don Williams said. “Both knowing your operator’s manual and having on-the-job experience are important.”

Don Williams is R.F. MacDonald Co.’s Boiler Division Corporate Trainer. Williams has been in the boiler business for 45 years as a boiler operator, design engineer, service manager and now RFMCO’s corporate trainer beginning in 2017. Williams currently teaches two back-to-back two-day boiler operator’s
workshops seven times a year throughout California and Nevada.

Boiler maintenance lasts the life of a boiler and having a well-rounded understanding of your facility’s boiler system should be a priority. R.F. MacDonald Co. hired Don Williams to meet this need. Since 2017, Williams has performed custom, onsite training for 12 different customers, giving them a detailed presentation of their boiler and burner design, controls for operator interface, combustion basics and a breakdown on how to operate and maintain their specific equipment.
“Site specific training is beneficial because it is equipment-specific — boilers, controls, system implications, maintenance and troubleshooting. General boiler training in a mixed group with attendees from various companies tends to be too generic and not as helpful for a trainee who is looking to
understand their site’s boiler system,” Williams said.

Williams gave this example as to why maintenance determines the life of a boiler compared to the boiler workload being the cause of major repair: “R.F. MacDonald Co. serviced one boiler that required a retube after 12 months in operation because the boiler operator didn’t recognize poor water chemistry.

In comparison, we have been servicing another boiler at a different company since 1963 without ever needing major repair simply because the boiler was properly maintained.”

You may sign up for one of Don Williams’ CWEA and AFE-certified classes at or email to discuss custom, onsite boiler training.