IntelliFLO Delivers Precise Temperature Control

boiler temperature controls

Camus Hydronics invests in temperature control technology for its new DynaFLO domestic hot water boilers

Under steady flow, Camus DynaFLO’s ultra-precise control system keeps the outlet temperature within +/-1°F of set point, which is unheard of in the industry!

After months of rigorously fine-tuning its PID (Proportional–Integral–Derivative) Control parameters, Camus Hydronics’ patent pending IntelliFLO technology automatically adjusts and adapts to different load conditions, keeping hot water outlet temperatures accurate — even under harsh load swings.

IntelliFLO Technology vs. Sudden Boiler Load Fluctuations

boiler hot waterSudden temperature spikes can cause leaks, boiler damage, and safety hazards. Even under sudden load fluctuations (50% load drop within seconds), Camus boilers equipped with IntelliFLO technology proactively adjust their actuators, keeping the domestic water outlet temperature within +/-°2F of a user’s selected set point.

IntelliFLO is smart and automatic in a sense that it is always watching the DHW load, and it only takes over control of the actuator in case there is a sudden flow change. Once flow is stabilized, IntelliFLO gives the control back to the main feedback PID loop. As a result there are no parameters to be adjusted by the installer or the user, only to enable or disable the entire feature.

About Camus DynaFLO

All DynaFLO models come with a color digital display touchscreen control, DHW outlet temperature transmitter, anti-scaling circulator, isolation valves, drain valves, Victaulic for easy removal of heat exchanger, strainers, lead free pressure relief valve or lead-free temperature and pressure relief valve (optional), air-vent, high limit switch, and a very precise electro-hydraulic 3-way actuator that can be turned into a 2-way operation. If your DynaFLO model is equipped with the IntelliFLO option your DynaFLO will also have a flowmeter installed on the DHW inlet.

Learn more about the Camus DynaFlo or contact your local representative.