RFMCO Offers In-Stock Commercial Pumps, Tanks


RFMCO delivers quick turnaround lead times for Taco commercial pumps, expansion tanks, and air separators

Taco pumps can be easily installed into existing plumbing and are available immediately in Northern California.

In the industrial markets, downtime can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per day in lost production, but in commercial markets, downtime can cost something even more important: health and safety.

Why You Should Keep Commercial Pumps in Stock

  1. Public Order and Safety Buildings – Government and private commercial buildings require the most water among all commercial markets.*
  2. Lodging Buildings – Hotels and hospitality require the second most water consumption.*
  3. Hospitals/Healthcare – Inpatient healthcare buildings require hot water for sanitation and more.
  4. Universities/Schools – For campus residents, hot water is an amenity that creates a safe, healthy living environment.

taco commercial pumps*According to the Energy Information Administration

RFMCO manages an accurate inventory year-after-year, providing our customers quick lead times and immediate service if needed. Our robust inventory of commercial and industrial equipment allows us to respond to client requests strategically — doing it right the first time.

A majority of our inventory is housed in Fresno, CA due to its central location. Please don’t hesitate to call us for your emergency equipment and repair needs!

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