Reducing NOx Emissions At Food Processing Facilities


Reach and maintain low NOx emissions with efficiently engineered SCR solutions and support from the experts at R.F. MacDonald Co.

The Food Processing industry is responsible for a large portion of global emissions, so maintaining low boiler emissions at these facilities is key for positive progress towards reducing pollution causation and improving regional air quality. R.F. MacDonald Co. has extensive experience retrofitting, fabricating, and installing systems that achieve and maintain single-digit NOx levels. Additionally, with code and safety requirements routinely adjusting standards, R.F. MacDonald Co. utilizes our knowledge and proactive measures to make sure projects not only upgrade operations, but also exceed expectations.

R.F. MacDonald Co. continues to be a low NOx solutions expert since the ARB and local California Air Quality Management Districts (AQMD) began mandating stringent emissions standards in 1983. We utilize various methods including retrofitting existing units with flue gas recirculation, ultra-low NOx burners, controls solutions, and Selective Catalytic Reductions (SCR). SCR technology continues to be the most effective method of NOx reduction, as it does not sacrifice boiler performance, unlike other NOx reduction technologies. There are three methods to reduce NOx with SCR and these include using anhydrous ammonia, aqueous ammonia, or urea.

Urea, particularly when injected directly into the boiler, is inexpensive with little to no risk associated with operating procedures. R.F. MacDonald Co. has mastered retrofitting urea injection systems alongside SCR systems utilizing the other common sources, like aqueous ammonia, which is common among food processing installations.

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